Silversides schooling in July Snorkeler on surface with son Alec waving.
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Instructor Bio for Monte Lee Thornton, PADI Master Instructor, Over 20 years.

In 1996 when the internet was still young, I created Explore Underwater Online Magazine. Over the years following everyone has been captured into the wonderful world of information technology. As I reflect over the dreamers and heroes, who became founders and leaders of the underwater world, I realize that they would embrace the internet as a means of getting information to a worldwide audience. It is my vision that that this online magazine web site communicate knowledge for you to explore underwater.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau was a co-inventor in the creation of self contained breathing apparatus (SCUBA), which fulfilled his vision and desire to make it possible for others to share in the adventures waiting under the sea. With the creation of his television series, he shared the insight of his discoveries and changed forever the perspective that we have regarding the sea. We learned from him that it must be protected for future generations.

As a young boy I longed to learn to scuba dive, and to explore the Underwater world. For years my mother would not give me permission to learn. So I joined the US Army with a quaranteed station in Hawaii. I still didn't have her blessings, but I began what has led me to becoming a PADI 30 Year Member, Underwater Photographer, a diving career, and experiences that exceeded my dreams.

In the articles section of Explore Underwater you will have the opportunity to read about my diving with whale sharks, dolphins, sharks, and other marine life encounters. I hope that by taking you on my adventures it will instill in you the desire to experience your own. The oceans of our world hold so many species to see. Underwater explorers are able to see more species in ten minutes on a coral reef, than they would spending ten days in the forest. and Visit Explore Underwater Online Magazine, it is our way of sharing our explorations with friends around the world. We hope that you will visit often, and send us news of your explorations, and favorite discoveries. We'll share them with others through this online magazine. Together, we'll all promote the adventure of exploring underwater.

Get up and go diving this weekend if possible. Come out and visit us, and let's get up and go diving together. Just give me a call, 345-927-0315.
Monte Lee Thornton
Monte Lee Thornton

Valet Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Cayman Brac    Private Lessons   Instructor Guided Tours

Discover Scuba Diving, and ALL PADI Courses
PADI Master Instructor Monte Lee Thornton--Over 30 years experience,
Has Taught Over 1500 People in Scuba Classes, Now Teaching in Cayman Brac's World Class Diving Reefs.

PADI Scuba Diving Certification US$450.00     PADI Discover Scuba Diving US$125.00
Discover Snorkeling US$65.00

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We offer Accommodations for two guest in a private Cayman Brac beach apartment, US$125 per night.