Silversides schooling in July Snorkeler on surface with son Alec waving.
Tiger Grouper, Big Eye Snapper, Queen Anglefish, French Anglefish, Strawberry Grouper, Snorkeling, Discover Scuba Diving, Open Water dives. Scuba Location Cayman.
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving : Entrance Page  

Cayman Islands have colorful marine life in its shallow water reefs. The West side of the island is shaped where there is calm seas as if ready to water ski. The barrier reef is protected since the late 1980's where marine life has furished. Any tour will result in great sightings of reef fish, sting rays, lobsters, and even an occasional turtle. Our guides will point out different marine life from one inch Christmas Tree Worms and Sea Anemones, to the spectacular colors of Angelfish.

We offers Guided Shore Snorkeling, Discover Scuba Diving, Open Water dives!

We offers Accommodations for two guest in a private beach Apartment, Private Guide for Shore Snorkeling, Discover Scuba Diving, Open Water Course or Guided shore diving trips daily!Email Email: or Call 345-927-0315 Cayman Brac--where relaxation is a way of life.

Learn Reef Fish Identification on Our Guided Snorkeling Tours
from Shore at Hammerheads
Experience a Ship Wreck
flourishing with Fish.

The Wreck Of Cali shipwreck and coral reef, comes to within just 5 feet of the surface. From shore in calm water, this is a great snorkeling adventure, a great 20 foot discover scuba diving and to see the great marine life of the Cayman Islands. Just a 5 minute walk, heading North from the Cruise Ship Terminals, to Hammerheads Bar & Grill where you may rent mask, fins, and snorkeling vest.

Guided snorkeling tours are offered at
8:30am, 10:30, 12:30, and 2:00 daily.
This is a one hour easy tour. Sign up online or drop by 15 minutes before tour time. Reservations is requested to insure space avaliblity.

Email Inquiries and Reservations Click Here or Call 345-927-0315

Wreck of the Cali Grand Cayman Shore Snorkeling Guide Cayman Islands
Wreck of the Cali Grand Cayman Shore Snorkeling Guide Cayman Islands

Learn to Scuba Dive
See the Cali Ship Wreck and Reef

Wreck of the Cali Grand Cayman Shore Snorkeling Guide Cayman Islands

Snorkling the shallow reef next to the ship wreck is a great reef within 5 feet of the surface full of all the reef fish imagiable.

Wreck of the Cali Grand Cayman Shore Snorkeling Guide Cayman Islands

Fish Market by the Sea
Local Fishermen Sell Their Fresh Catch Daily

On a short walk North of the cruise ship terminals, right in the heart of the George Town Harbour area, you'll see the local fishermen cleaning their morning catch. Snapper, Triggerfish, Mahi Mahi,are just a few of the available fish for sell by the pound. If you are staying on Grand Cayman, this is a great source of local fresh fish for your dinner. If you are only ashore for the day, it is still a treat to meet the fishermen, and hear their local accents as they tell you their fishing tales.

Wreck of the Cali Grand Cayman Shore Snorkeling Guide Cayman Islands
Caymanian Traditions' Local Fruit Flavors

Local fruits are used in the homemade ice cream offered at Caymanian Traditions. This wonderful ice cream parlour is located on the second floor of the South cruise ship terminal. Natural vanilla and of course chocolate are among the many flavors, but be brave and try one of the local flavors, they are delicious!

Sandwiches, water and other snack foods are available. Art, jewelry, souvenirs and locally made items make this stop a delightful adventure during your visit in Grand Cayman.

Kayak Tours
Kayaking is for everyone - No experience is necessary

Guided snorkeling tours from shore are a fun way to enjoy two different excursions at the same time. Our guided kayak tours from two locations. At Hammerheads Bar & Grill, within walking distance of the cruise ship terminals and at Kaibo Bar & Grill 25 minutes via transportation. They are conveniently located where you can get food, water, and near restrooms. You may rent everything you need. Experienced guides will give you great information along the paddling trip, and a short briefing about the marine life you will be seeing.

Cayman Kayaks also offers eco-adventure kayaking tours in the pristine waters of the North Sound,the largest reef-fringed lagoon of the Cayman Islands. Explore the mangroves, bays and beaches of Grand Cayman on a stable and safe sit-on-top kayak. Escape to the remote tropical island atmosphere of Cayman Kai, a 25 minute drive from the Cruise Ship Terminals. Kayak, swim, enjoy a meal at Kaibo Bar & Grill, or just relax on the great beach.
Click here for more about Cayman Kayaks Tours

Photography Unlimited
Botanical Park - Cayman Scenery - Underwater

Over the past 30 years of scuba diving and Underwater photography, Monte Lee Thornton has published photos in textbooks, magazines, newspapers and internet publications. His photography encompasses locations from Hawaii to the Egypt. He founded Explore Underwater Online Magazine in 1996 and has continued to have a large internet presence.

Monte Thornton is a marine naturalist, beginning his career by photographing Humpback whales and feeding sharks in Hawaii. He now lives in the Cayman Islands with his wife, and their two children. Irene Scott-Thornton, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, began diving in 1978 in the Cayman Islands. Their 15 year old daughter and 12 year old son, are PADI Jr. Advanced Open Water Divers.

Monte has been photographing the Cayman Islands since 1983 and has published three books currently available.

Lessons in photography are available while you are on vacation.

Click here for more information

Grand Cayman Shore Snorkeling Lobster fighting Guide Cayman Islands
Grand Cayman Shore Snorkeling Lobster fighting Guide Cayman Islands
Photographer Monte Lee Thornton Grand Cayman Shore Snorkeling Guide Cayman Islands

Photo of Monte at Pirates Week Festivale 2008



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