Silversides schooling in July Snorkeler on surface with son Alec waving.
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We offers Accommodations for two guest in a private beach Apartment, Private Guide for Shore Snorkeling, Discover Scuba Diving, Open Water Course or Guided shore diving trips daily!Email Email: or Call 345-927-0315 Cayman Brac--where relaxation is a way of life.

Give us a call at 345-927-0315 for your Private Course if one to four people.

Phylum Annelida - Segamented Worms

The most common marine annelid worms are the polychaetes. The bodies of these worms are conspicuously divided into numerous segments, each of which is equipped with a pair of lateral appendages. These appendages, called parapodia, are modified according to the worms's life style. In tube-dwelling species the parapodia are greatly reduced; in burrowing species they are large, efficient locomortory devices. The sedentary species may be found attached to almost any solid object in the water, but they are most common on calcareous substrates such as shells. They may also be found in tubes or burrows in the mud. The errant species can be found by sifting through sediment or by carefully examining other animals, such as sea stars, sea pansies, hermit crabs and sea urchins, for commensal species.



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